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Clear A Beach With Us

Spring is here and it’s time to show our gratitude to the sea! On the National Strandrydedagen Saturday 6th of May we arrange beach cleaning along the entire coast of Norway! Icebergs throughout the Nordic region contribute in common to the cleaner seas and beaches. This is a day to create awareness about garbage pollution that seeks the sea and the importance of solution-oriented actions to protect it.

How to clean a beach:

1. Enter the Clearance Portal

2. Register beach-side action

3. Connect the Nordic Ocean Watch cleanup action (if you want) and your local cleaning team

4. Create Facebook event and invite all your friends!

5. Set Nordic Ocean Watch as a co-host to increase visibility (if you want)

6. Use the # pick up and show us the catch on instagram!

7. Register for beachfront finds on the Rydde portal

And! Everyone who registers in the Ryddeportalen before June 8 is in the draw of a fresh tavaha shopping net!

Follow us on for great tips on how to take care of the ocean every other day of the year, like our facebook page and follow us on instagram!

Good clearing!

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