Merman of the month May- Bo Eide

Bo Eide has been organizing marine clean-ups for several years, and has become the primary engine for beach cleaning and #tavaha in Tromsø. He spends most of his time on the sea or on the shore – where he feels the most happy. Bo is passionate about helping create a clean and healthy sea, and making sure the next generations also will be able to enjoy the beautiful coastal nature in the northern ocean ecology. 


Bo Eide, 49 years old, advisor for «green things» in Tromsø municipality. Head of Clean Coast, a regional coastal clean-up project. 

What are you up to now?

I am enjoying the spring time in Norway. This season is the the best time in the north, when everything wakes up.. I travel along the coast to see what has come in during the winter, planning and coordinating the clean-up efforts. Today the shore frozen, unfortunately, but there is still enough to do this year, and the illusion of the untouched Arctic North breaks quickly when you take a trip along the coast here. 

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What do you do to take care of the ocean? What does tavaha mean to you?

Tavaha is a good word, it’s so simple – take care of the ocean. Who can disagree? Unfortunately, I’m a pretty average consumer, but I keep away from fleece which contains a lot of microplastics, choose quality over quantity, eat a lot of local fish, and I try to inspire others to take care of the ocean too.

It’s an easy introduction to knowledge, respect and consistency, and clearly a thought weaver for many. Handfast, visually, and with a visible result.

What do you think is the biggest challenge we must solve to save the ocean

Today, there is an increasing indifference to nature in general, it’s just like with land and raw material resources. The impact on the ocean is very difficult, we cannot hide the trace of man-made pollution. People are waking up to this reality, and becoming more aware of the challenge. 

The planet needs our help to deal with the consequences of over-consumption and waste, but we also have to learn how we can limit our waste and change our lifestyles to adopt healthy, green standards. 

What are your three #tavahatips to take care of the ocean?

You have to teach the younger generation that everything ends up on the ocean, unless we prevent it from getting there in the first place. 

– Get to know the ocean and your local shoreline. Protect it, guard it. 

– Go kayaking! Clean up the beaches and tell your friends about it. We are many and if everyone brings something home every time we use the ocean, we will come a long way.

What is your happiest ocean-moment?

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The moments of total silence on flat sea in kayaking when the harvest sun goes down into the sea. #stillenatur

Who are your ocean heroes?

I have many. Humble people who take responsibility for nature, people of justice, people who do the right this just because it is the right thing to do. Sir David Attenborough and Sylvia Earle, among many other. 

And finally, what would you like to thank the ocean for

The ocean and the shore give me peace, food, challenges, curiosity and purity. For that I am thankful. 

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