Help us clean Norway’s beaches!

For Nordic Ocean Watch community every day is a beach clean-up day. Together with passionate people in the Nordic countries, we contribute to a common effort to protect our oceans and beaches. Our work is important for creating awareness around the issue of marine pollution, which is slowly killing the ocean ecologies, as well as for coming together to create solutions for protecting them.

How to clean a beach – and make some waves of awareness at the same time!

1. Access the National Beach-Cleaning Portal

2. Register your action plan

3. Choose Nordic Ocean Watch as a partner (if you want to) as well as your local clean-up group

4. Make a Facebook-event and invite your friends

5. Make NOW a co-host, to increase the social media audience

6. Use #plukkanopp og show us your catch on Instagram!

7. Register your findings on the Cleaning Portal Registrer strandryddefunn på Ryddeportalen

Follow us on www.nordicoceanwatch.no for good ideas around how to take care of the ocean in your daily life, like our facebook page vår and follow us on Instagram. Have a good beach-clean!

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