Merman of the month February – Inge Wegge

Inge has for many years inspired people to go on ocean adventurers and to take care of the wonderful nature that gives us so much in return. He has cleaned beaches in Lofoten, surfed Bjørnøya, and is now building a self-sufficient house for his family. Inge leads by example and shows us how it is possible to carry out outdoor activities in a sustainable way.

1. Who?

Inge Tamburaci Wegge, 30, lives among the mountains and in the sea, based in Kabelvåg, Lofoten. Working with movies and TV, and traveling a bit around with lectures. Passion for surfing, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, paragliding, slackline, and lately I’ve built some lego, and done puzzles with my daughter of 3 years.

2. What are you up to now?

Have been sleeping a lot watched movies and TV shows, really. Broke my ankle in an unsuccessful start with my wingsuit a few months ago. But other than that I’m building a self-sufficient house for my family.

3. What do you do to take care of the ocean? What does tavaha mean to you??

I try to keep my plastic consumption as low as possible, but it’s not that easy when everything you buy is packed in plastic.

I have cleaned many beaches, and I try to inspire others to clean and have a conscious relationship with the ocean and nature by showing my movies (North of the Sun and Bjørnløa), and conducting lectures. Tavaha means love for the sea, you take care of what you love.


4. What do you think is the biggest challenge we must solve to save the ocean?

Everyone, big and small, must get more knowledge. We must learn about what happens to all the trash that ends up in the ocean, and what can happen if the amount continues to increase as much as it does now. If one day there is more plastic than fish in the ocean, we have a huge problem. Fish is a wonderful renewable resource and an important part of the food chain, not just for humans.

5. What are your three #tavaha tips for taking care of the ocean?

Pick up, spend a few minutes on your local beach to make it a little nicer. Consume less and repair more. Spread the word.


6. What is your happiest ocean-moment?

A day in by the sea. Right now I am building our house , and I saw the wave were building. Put on my suit and went out. It was a little hard to paddle, and the waves pushed me back all the time. I struggled hard. But I was focused, and after a while I managed to get across. 

The senses were sharpened and when I finally came out, where the waves break, I turned around and looked over the incredibly beautiful bay I was living in. It was quiet, and over the bay there was a double rainbow and an eagle floated above it.

7. Who are your everyday heroes?

I am very happy when I hear about schools and children who clean beaches. And people who repair things and make new things of old things.

8. And finally, what would you like to thank the ocean for?

The ocean gives me the ultimate break from everyday life. It’s just us two and the moments get so intense. A wave that may only last for 4 seconds feels like eternity, I usually thank every wave I get.