Merman of the month July – Troels Rosenkrantz Andersen

Troels has lived in true tavaha spirit since he came to this planet. He makes an active choice to make the least possible ecological footprint and repair a little wherever he is. No combination is better.

Text: Simen Knudsen


Troels Rosenkrantz Andersen, 23, currently living in my car, based in Hemsedal, working as a freelance photographer and movie maker, grew up on a farm in a Danish small village with a unique community.

What are you up to now?

Right now, I spend my time and existence on an unusual (for me) and idealistic plan, without too much money coming in. Delivering dreams, helping family and friends, making projects that I like, living cheap in an old van with so much soul, and being more present than I have been before.

What do you do to take care of the ocean? What does tavaha mean to you?

I always stay close to the sea, both in Denmark, Norway and many other places. When I’m in place, I collect rubbish and clean up the environment around me. I try to buy recycled goods and upcycle others, so I can make a good impact on the future. But most importantly, I have adjusted my choices. We can do something about the situation of the ocean, but we have to think creatively. We can come very far with the right respect for materials, products, each other and life itself. Through the concept of tavaha, we have a tool to show people our common problems, what needs to be done, and how we can do it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge we must solve to save the ocean?

Respect! I no longer feel that we are present, we have lost respect! And then I think that much of the problem is the lack of knowledge – we are becoming dumber. Technologically, we are probably becoming smarter, or something. But I do not understand the logic of making things that are “meant to break down.” If we want to rescue the ocean, we MUST have respect and get more knowledge of how to live sustainably!

What are your three #tavaha tips for taking care of the ocean?

1.We respect 2.We fix things 3.We are present

What is your happiest ocean moment? 

My happiest ocean moments took place at Undstad, Lofoten, when we, 4 friends, lived on trash and did not spend any money. But one experience in particular was one of my life’s best ocean moments. We can call it ‘board shorts on hawaii’ We spent several days working on a project, after having pulled an old fishing net from the sea. We sewed together the holes. Another evening, we chopped up a log from the forest with an axe. Then we carried the fish net and the two half logs down to the beach. The sun came forth. The beach looked like something I could only imagined to found on hawaii, white sand and turqoise blue waters, surrounded by high mountains. After 15 min, we had our own home-made and free beach volleyball net. No people on the beach, only 4 Danish boys. With a common and unique experience of playing beach volley right there, just in the perfect time of the day. Not a dream any of us had had, but something that became one in that moment!

Who are your everyday heroes?

I have many heroes, but I also want to inspire the unconvinced. People who just do things because it is logical or because it gives them something. Not because there is an economic gain, but because they never stop to question themselves or their surroundings. My grandfather is a master in this and he does not even know it!

And finally, what would you like to thank the sea for?

I want to thank the ocean for keeping my true, present and curious.