Ocean Heroes June – The Now Collective

Nordic Ocean Watch had not existed if it had not been for our amazing community! Ocean Heroes of the month award for June goes to the NOW Collective as a whole. Over 200 passionate volunteers are working hard to take care of – and raise awareness about marine pollution in the nordic countries – and beyond! Through activities ranging from cleanups, tavaha lectures, art, and events – to working in the core team with strategy, coordination, partnerships and communications, we are inspiring more and more people around our mission. Together, we have reached over 10,000 people since 2013, and cleared tons of plastic from our beaches.

June is the #WorldOceanMonth. Every day this month, we want to highlight some of the people behind the scenes, and post photos and words about their engagement. The NOW Collective is proving to be an important platform for inspiring the growing generation of solutions-oriented environmental heroes.

Would you also like to contribute to the collective? Get in touch on hallo@nordicoceanwatch.no