Mapping and clearing outside Tromsø and Kvaløya

In April 2017, we received funds from Plastretur’s Environmental Project for a project where we will map marine sedimentation on the seabed outside Tromsø and Kvaløya. We will do this by using Blueye ROV and Trashtag technology.

The aim of the project is to begin with systematic mapping of marine sedimentation located on the seabed outside Tromsø and Kvaløya. We will make an interactive map as dive clubs and hobbydykers can use for planning clearing actions. The map will be published on this page once we have started mapping.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with Blueye ROV and Trashtag. The students’ underwater club at the University of Tromsø will pick up some of the trash when we have started mapping.

We expect to start mapping in the summer of 2017 with a Blueye prototype and send out the divers later this summer.

Until now, we have only tested Blueye ROV in the pool pool at Polaria and outside in the garden pool.

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The Selenians are a little skeptical of the ROV
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Testing of the ROV in the garden pool with Blueye and Bo Eide from the Clean Coast