Plastic Code of Conduct

The harmful effect of plastic on our environment has become a well-known theme in the news and press, with pictures of garbage and fish wrapped in ghost yarn reflect our current consumer culture’s attitude towards the sea and to nature. The ocean’s natural shimmers of blue tones, have been replaced by shades of yellow, red and black. This has become the business as usual for the ocean environment. If nothing is done about this, there will be more plastic in the ocean that fish by 2050, researchers say. 

Although most people know the marine pollution and plastic in the oceans is a big problem, flooded beaches show a different reality. Can one person make a difference? We believe so. That is why we have created the Plastic Code of Conduct.

If everyone in Norway stop using plastic bags, and invest in a canvas bag or two instead, we can save the environment for 600 million plastic bags a year (figures published by the Environment Directorate in 2015)! By cleaning up our environment, everyone will have a brighter future – humans, animals, and plants. Look down, pick it up! 

You do not have to go to a beach and clean for days and hours or join an environmental organization (although this is what we would like you to do). The small things can also make a big difference. By working actively to inspire you to change your habits, we create a better environment and better plastic vibes! Nordic Ocean Watch, together with Spire and Infinitum have put together some guidelines that will make it easier for to make sustainable choices in everyday life!

A clean environment creates better conditions for our natural playground, our food and our future! The Plastic Code of Conduct will make it easier for you to remember conscious habits when you are using plastic products in everyday life. 

  • Be prepared– bring your canvas bag when shopping

  • Conscious eating – bring your cutlery and cup

  • Recycle plastic bottles, ‘pant’ as we say in Norway

  • Say no to microplastics

  • Look down – pick it up!

  • Plastic is a resource – not garbage


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The Plastic Code of Conduct is created in collaboration between Nordic Ocean Watch and Spire. 

A note from the initiator: “We are all outdoor enthusiasts who engage with nature through fun and conscious awareness. Through trips in the mountains and surfing we begun recognizing the challenges the world is facing. We take an active part in environmental organizations, participate in debates and take action through beach cleaning, together with thousands of other Norwegians. Nevertheless, the garbage mountains are growing in the ocean, and the waste does not seem to decline. We hope by creating the Plastic Code of Conduct, more people will take active choices to avoid unnecessary plastic production. By increasing the focus on plastic recycling, we hope that more plastic will disappear from the recycling cycle. Our dream is that by 2050, we will surf in clean waves and be able to walk in a green and natural environment.”

Tuva Krøgenes: Outdoor life enthusiast and member of the NOW collective

Amanda Nordtorp Günther: Head of Spire Tromsø

Vilma Havas: Surfer and Deputy Head of NOW