Earth Day 2016 #trees4earth #tavaha

The first ever Earth Day was held in 1970. Now, 46 years later, this day is more important than ever. On the 22. of April we will not only celebrate the Earth, but also the gathering of the heads of the world’s nations in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

This year the theme of the Earth Day is trees and their imortance in the fight against climate change and loss of ecosystem balance. The goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees in the next five years in anticipation to the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day.

The Earth Day Network is challenging people around the world to plant a tree or to take a picture of their favourite tree and post the picture in social media with the hashtag #trees4earth.

tavaha ed

At NOW, we appreciate all kinds of trees, not only those on land, but also those in the water. The ocean has vast forests with mangrove trees, seaweed, and sea tangle. On this Earth Day, we therefore give you the following option to help us to take care of the ecosystems of the ocean:

1) Find a beach that hasn’t been cleaned; take a picture of it

2) Clean the beach, or a part of it; take a picture of the result

3) Dispose of the trash and post your before and after pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtags #tavaha and #trees4earth

This way you take care of the underwater forests that are being threatened by marine litter. Even better if you end up both planting a tree and cleaning a beach, since it’s all connected; the wellbeing of the oceans contribute to the wellbeing of the forests and vice versa.

In the words of the legendary marine biologist, Sylvia Earle:



NOW will repost the pictures and make an Earth Day album of all the entries, which will be visible to all of you once it’s complete. There is no time limit on this campaign, but we’re hoping to get as many entries as possible before the 22. of April.

So get creative!

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