Merman of the month November – Rasmus Brøgger

Rasmus Brøgger dreamed about making a career in snowboarding, but an injury would put a stop to the plan. He has not been able to quit snowboarding completely, but a lot of his time now goes to filming and events. Some of the snow has also been changed for waves. This summer he started Waterfest, an organization using good vibes and positive energy to spread awareness around the human caused challenges our oceans are facing, and to do something about it. Because Rasmus really don’t want to paddle around in a pile of plastic. 


Who are you?

My name is Rasmus Brøgger, I am Danish, 24 years old and working with filming, photo and events. The last years I have lived in Hemsedal during the winter and in Oslo during summer. When I was sixteen years old, I dropped out of school with a dream that I would live of snowboarding, but sadly I got an injury when I was nineteen. I haven’t been able to leave off the snowboarding entirely, so that is why I go to Hemsedal during winter so I can be in the mountains, even though it never became a profession for me. After my injury, I bought a camera so I could film while snowboarding. I soon found out that I liked working with film, and I have now started a company where I work with filming and events. After a while I also found out that surfing was a good replacement for snowboarding. It has now become a passion of mine, even though it is much harder than snowboarding and demands a lot of patients to learn. Surfing in Norway is especially hard, but it is also something quite special. 



What are you doing these days?

This summer i started Waterfest, an organization that aims to help cleaning the ocean, and with a positive energy we wish to raise awareness about the human made problems our oceans face. Waterfest was initially about diving and death diving, but it soon evolved to include all watersports. Since we are using the fantastic means of the ocean, we think it’s always important to clean up a little. You can check out Waterfest on Instagram @wearewaterfest, or on our web page wearewaterfest.com.

Right now I am on Maui, Hawaii. Here I have been filming for a photo, surf and yoga retreat, and now I have started a film project for a surf club. I surf, film and edit every day, so right now I am pretty stoked on life. After my stay here, I am going back to Denmark, and then I am catching a bus to Sölden in Austria, where I will work as an instructor on a snowboard camp for a week. Hawaii is amazing, but I am also looking forward to having snow under my board again. After Sölden, I am going back to Norway and a somewhat normal everyday life, and start planning for Waterfest 2020!

“For me, tavaha is a short, concise and good reminder that we have to take care of the ocean. It’s simply a motto you remember”

When did the ocean become important to you? What role does the ocean play in your life?

 The ocean has always been important to me, and I spent most of my childhood by the sea in Denmark. After several trips to Indonesia the last couple of years, I have experienced how nasty it is with all the plastic floating around in the water while surfing. That has made the ocean even more important to me. This summer i therefore wanted to make en effort in changing people’s attitudes towards the human made problems the ocean is facing, and that is why I started Waterfest. The ocean plays a great role in my life. Without the sea, there is no surf, no cliff diving, no trips to the beach – just to mention a few things. 



What do you do to take care of the ocean? What does tavaha mean to you?

I try as hard as i can in my low budget life to by sustainable alternatives when I actually have to by something new, but the most important thing to do is to not by new things when it is not necessary. Beyond that, us working for Waterfest holds at leas tone monthly clean up, and not to mention our main event Waterfest Oslo, which will be on the 8th of August in 2020! For me, tavaha is a short, concise and good reminder that we have to take care of the ocean. It’s simply a motto you remember. 


What do you think is the biggest challenge we have to solve in order to save the ocean?

Plastic pollution is probably one of the biggest problems. I at least don’t want to paddle around in a pile of plastic. 



What are your #tavahatips to take care of the ocean?

  • Pick up trash.
  • By less of the things you don’t need.
  • Help Waterfest raise awareness around the problems we are facing. 

 “I want to thank the ocean for waves – and for all the times they have beaten me up!”

What is your happiest ocean memory?

My happiest ocean memory is without doubt when I was winter surfing in Lofoten, which another ocean hero, Hallvard Kolltveit, shot a photo of!



Who are your everyday heroes? 

My biggest everyday hero is Tavaha-Simen, or Simen Knudsen, which is his real name. The tavaha-expression was actually one of the first things i noticed when I started worrying about all the ocean problems out there. This also made me contact him when I was organizing Waterfest this summer, so we could collaborate on holding a cleanup in the Oslo fjord. 


And last, what do you want to thank the ocean for? 

I want to thank the ocean for waves – and for all the times they have beaten me up!