Foto: Petter Gresmo

Strandrydde Container

We want every day to be a beach break day. That is why we are working on setting up containers at surcharges along the coast in cooperation with local surfing environments and Infinitum Movement. Only outside is Unstad in cooperation with Yttersia Surf Club.


To make sure that you can have a clean beach all year long and clean the garbage whenever you want without worrying about where to throw it, we want to have better garbage disposal on the beaches we use most. Together with local surfers at Unstad in Lofoten we have received the pilot for Strandryddecontaineren. Every day is a beach break day, with this container being possible. Pure beach all year long. Visit the container and help fill it up the next time you’re in Unstad!


This is how a Strandrydde container works:

  • The surfing community arranges permission to set up a container at the beach.
  • NOW arranges funding for launching, renting, emptying and foiling.
  • The container has a padlock with code. Everyone in the browsing environment has the code.
  • A local container manager ensures that the container is emptied when it is full, that it is kept tidy and ensures that it does not blow the sea.

The dimensions of the Strandrydde container:

-Create everyday housekeeping and everyday hardships.

-Your local surfers are able to take care of their spout.

– Focus on marine landing.

-Clean beach all year long!

Preliminary result for Strandryddecontaineren at Unstad:

Deployed: September 2015.

Total: 2 tons of litter.

The cost: (coming)

Everyone who loves the beach should have a beachfront container!


The project is realized with good help from

Infinitum Movement

Yttersia Surfklubb

Kristian Breivik