About Us

Nordic Ocean Watch is an environmental collective dedicated to taking care of the ocean. If we want to see a thriving ocean in the future, and secure the very basis of life on this planet – we all have to contribute. By giving a voice to the ocean and adapting our lives to become more environmentally friendly, we can make a lasting difference! What is good for the ocean is good for you.

We believe that action creates attitude. We believe that you take care of what you love. And we believe in the power that exists in everyday heroes. We give a voice to the ocean by offering concrete solutions for taking care of the ocean. Together we can create a new culture where no one uses the sea without giving anything back – TAVAHA!

Beach Cleaning

We want every day to be a beach cleaning day! Throughout the year we facilitate, organize and mobilize for beach cleanups along the Norwegian coastline. Follow us to join the next event, or get in touch if you want to organize your own. We can help with experience and resources!


Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding of marine pollution. We also want to show you how incredible the ocean is. If you would like us to come to your workplace, school or conference to give a talk, please contact us at hallo@nordicoceanwatch.no!

Events and hangouts

We host hangouts and events, and gather likeminded people around documentary screenings, art battles, concerts, festivals, and much more. Stay updated through our social media channels!

Tavaha projects

We also work on specific projects aimed at inspiring people to take action on the issue of marine pollution and adapt their lifestyle to take care of the ocean. Read more about the projects here and get involved!


For us to do this work, we rely on donations and contributions from you. Nordic Ocean Watch is an organization built entirely on voluntary contributions, with a core team working hard to coordinate the wide range of activities and projects we are involved in. Please consider making a donation to enable us to take better care of the ocean.

Our Norwegian account number: 15034740795
IBAN: 9515034740795

Core team

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Simen Knudsen

Surfer / Manager / Norway

Vilma Havas

Surfer / Deputy / Tromsø

Caroline Hargreaves

Surfer / Strategic Coordinator / Nepal

Carine Nylander

Graphic designer / Oslo

Mads Schwencke

Surfer / Photo and design / Ålesund

Fredrik Hertzberg

Sailing / Events / Oslo

Erik Boerchgrevink

Events / Oslo